About Us

Seize the Moment was started as an idea to provide local community awareness about epilepsy. After a lifelong battle with epilepsy; the founder, Roni-Kay, started awareness events in an attempt to make the stereotypes vanish and an understanding of epilepsy known. After undergoing brain surgery and ridding herself of the intense seizure activity she was having on a daily basis. She understands the life changing experience today’s procedures can be. In her pursuit to find a way to help others receive assistance and provide opportunities to those who are qualified surgery candidates, the Seize the Moment Foundation, Inc. was launched.

Who we are?

Seize the Moment Foundation is a nonprofit 501c3 organization that is designed to assist financial burdens that epileptic patients endure. These include standard doctor’s office visits, neurological procedures and surgery expenses for those who qualify. We also offer coverage for counseling if needed by the patient and their families before or after their procedures.
Together we can make help epileptic patients through their procedures.


Seize the Moment Foundation, Inc. hosts large and small scale events through out the year. These include game days with MLB Tampa Bay Rays Baseball- Battle Epilepsy, NHL Tampa Bay Lightning- Puck Epilepsy, NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Score on for Seizures. As well as Bowling & Billiards tournaments and numerous other events. Stay tuned to our Event Schedule for upcoming event dates.


Your donation will make all the difference.

Charity Organizers

Roni-Kay Lopez

Roni-Kay Lopez


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